I’m MicKallyn and I’m on a mission to help 

1,000 driven professionals to reach their first $100k in net worth. 

I see so many motivated professionals working incredibly hard every day; I see how much you want to get ahead. I also see very little progress being made towards the goals, which will truly set you financially free. 


Let’s imagine you landed in a new city. You rent a car and plug in your destination to your GPS. You don’t know this town, so you follow along with the basic directions for how to get to point A to point B. Soon you are stuck in rush hour traffic because you are on the same road as everyone else. Sigh. You hop off the highway to avoid the traffic jam, only to hit a construction delay that your GPS didn’t know about. You eventually make it to your destination, but you are tired and frustrated. That’s the problem with just following generic directions; they might get you there in the end, just not very quickly or smooth. 

I see this same truth reflected in my clients:

  • You make good money.
  • You want to save and invest.
  • You want to make smart choices. 

But you are following generic directions and aren’t seeing the results you hoped for. 


mickallyn ellis

You can think of me as your financial GPS. I’m here to help you chart the best course and help you stay on track so you end up where you want to go as quickly as possible.


I’ve been in the financial business for almost 15 years. I started in banking and mortgage lending, fresh out of college with a heap of student loan debt. I knew that I didn’t want that hanging over my head for my whole life, so I made a plan and paid off 35K in student loans in the first year out of college.


Next up was my husband’s student debt (over 100K!) We made a plan and two years later, we were 100% student loan debt free!


Using the same principles we applied to our student loan debt, we began to save for a house and within a year had saved up enough to put a down payment on our first home. 

From there, we used our financial skills & habits to tackle one goal at a time. You can check out the full list of our past & current achievements HERE (we keep them written down to motivate us!) but the short story is that 10 years later, we own three homes, have a fully funded emergency fund, maxed-out 401Ks, and are 100% debt free – yes, including our homes. 

 I don’t say these things to brag; I tell you my story because I want it to be your story too. 

No matter when you are starting or what your current financial situation is, I know that with the right guidance, you can get back on course & end up at your destination debt free (and hefting a big-ole suitcase of net worth with you too!)


You work too hard to be stressed about money; don’t let it be the thing that holds you back any longer.

Let’s start making your money work for you!

"I finally have a path laid out for me!"

MicKallyn is truly an amazing resource! She makes you feel comfortable and prepared regardless of what financial topics you have questions on. 

Before seeing her I had no idea where to even begin when it came to my finances. I finally have a path laid out for me! You will truly get the most out of your time when seeing MicKallyn. 

happy client from colorado cash coach

Julia L
Denver, CO

man looking through camera lens

Bismark, ND

"I didn't know where to start"

Figuring out a budget, plan to pay off debt & saving up money was daunting task to do for the longest time. I didn’t know where to start, what to do, or what worked for me. 

After my first meeting with Mickallyn, the doubts & adverse feelings towards my financial stability began to turn for the better. She provided the best tool & expertise to gain the knowledge of getting a grasp of my financial goals.