MicKallyn Elis

Owner / Financial Coach

I recognize that we all have a relationship with money. Like any relationship, it takes work and commitment, and can be emotional. Not having control of your money can cause a lot of stress. I can help you take control of your financial relationship by zeroing in on what’s truly important and guiding you to find a new financial perspective.

My Story

After three arduous years of grinding out my bachelor’s degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Human Resources, I fell into expected student loan debt. This debt made me uncomfortable, as it was a significant amount of money with the relentless accrual of interest. The thought of the uphill financial battle was daunting but also strengthened my financial focus. I knew I needed to CRUSH this debt fast.

Guess What?  Within one year, my student loans were PAID OFF!

Now that my debt was gone I had the privilege of inheriting my husband’s $100,000+ in student loans. I didn’t know true love came with a hefty price tag! Though this number was overwhelming, I knew I had the willpower and skills, and after three years, we CRUSHED this debt too! 

Freedom! With this new financial freedom, we now had a healthy savings account built and we’re ready to start investing. We purchased our first investment property at the age of 24, and a second rental property three years later. Not only did we get to invest in our financial future, but we also got to invest in our passion and favorite hobby: travel.

With all this personal financial experience, it was no surprise I gravitated toward the banking world. For eight years, I helped individuals and families in both the banking and mortgage industries. As a Retail Banking Manager and Mortgage Loan Officer, I saw firsthand the everyday struggles that so many customers were facing. Seeing these financial battles and overwhelming financial stressors each day, I knew I could do more to help others.

This inspiration caused me to hang up the business blazer and leave the corporate banking industry. I was able to step around to the other side of the desk and feed my passion for helping others understand how to manage their financial lives. This led to the creation of The Cash Coach, a one-on-one coaching environment where we work together to build YOUR financial dreams!