Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered


Financial Coaching is a collaborative, educational relationship that empowers you to achieve financial freedom.  Financial Coaching bridges the gap by providing a powerful, professional partnership designed to create action.  A Financial Coach works to educate their clients on the basics of personal finances, offers accountability, practical experience, and build their financial literacy.  They work with people who need help making budgets, paying down debt and creating a livable financial plan.  Their goal is to empower their clients to make smart financial decisions and take responsibility for their choices.  A Financial Coach is not licensed to give specific investment advice, which makes them different from financial advisors.  Through a series of meetings they help you develop a personalized financial plan tailored to your situation.  Financial Coaching is the link between knowing what to do and actually getting it done.  That’s why it works.

• Individuals and couples desiring a change in their financial situation. 

• Individuals and couples hoping to change careers or chase a dream. 

• Premarital and newlywed couples seeking a solid marriage foundation. 

• Individuals and couples expecting big life changes: baby, adoptions, career, or relationship… just to name a few. 

• High school and college students looking for debt-free educations.

You don’t need to have thousands of dollars in assets to work with a financial coach. In fact, many of my clients have some debt with little savings and spending habits to tackle. 

Maybe you’ve tried to make a budget, but just can’t stick to it. Maybe you make enough money but can’t figure out how to build an emergency savings fund. Or maybe maybe you have so much debt between credit cards and loans that you don’t know where to start to overcome your financial problems. 

Talking these issues through with someone who has been through them before is hugely beneficial. A Financial Coach can help you reach your goals through practical guidance, encouragement, discussion, and accountability. 

  •  You pay off debt but wind up right back in debt
  • You put a good amount in savings but unexpected whammy expenses keep draining your savings
  • You feel like you live paycheck to paycheck but make good money
  • You try to pay off debt with the Debt Snowball method but keep losing interest
  • You feel that you are actually really good with your money but you have some big goals and want help reaching these goals as quickly as possible

After scheduling an appointment, you will receive information about the meeting as well as a questionnaire in order for me to see where you are at in your financial position.  Once I receive that information 48 hours before our session, I will spend time reviewing everything and gathering my recommendations and changes that I will share during our meeting.  This is so that I don’t waste our time together just talking about the numbers.  I want to utilize our 2 hour session powering through strategic changes, tackling your top 3 concerns with your money, and devising a plan specific to your needs.

As a financial coach, my focus is you. I do not sell investment products or receive any kickback from third-party professionals. My focus is on YOU, your goals, and your day-to-day income and expenses. I do not sell investment products or receive any kickback from third-party professionals. 

I struggled with this a lot when I first started, but I’ve seen time and time again that my fee more than pays for itself. I will find more in your plan than what I charge. I will help you put more in savings or pay down debt than you have ever been able to; and most importantly, I help you learn how to do it so it continues long after they’ve worked with me. I’ve always said that my fee is an investment.

Financial coaching is fundamentally different in many ways from financial advising or personal financial planning. 

Financial Coach 

• Educates, empowers, and acts as an accountability partner 

• Focuses on basics of personal money management, behavior, change, and accountability

• Provides knowledge, skills, and behaviors that will help you build wealth

• Can educate you on the basic concepts of insurance, investing, and diversification. Will refer you to a financial advisor once you meet your goals of positive cash flow and some wealth accumulation!

Financial Advisor

• Focuses on implementing financial products and strategies

• Helps manage wealth that already exists

• Sells insurance, investing tools, and works with diversification, etc.

One is no better than the other. Both are important and help people use their money more effectively to reach their goals.

No, worries! I’ve got clients all over the United States, and I’ve found that any meeting can be face-to-face with the power of video conferencing!