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7 Financial Questions To Ask Yourself At The End Of The Year

Do you take a moment to reflect at the end of the year?

What about taking time to reflect on your financial goals? 🫣

Today I want to share a few powerful questions you can ask yourself when reflecting on 2022 to help set you up for financial success going into 2023.

(I’ll also share my responses to these effective questions. I want to encourage you to take a moment to be real with yourself, as that’t the only way we can make progress!)

  • What one word would I use to describe these past 365 days? 
    • Shifting! 
  • What were your financial goals at the beginning of the year? 
    • Max out solo 401k
    • Fund Ph.D. tuition
    • Fund rental remodel
  • What do I need to let go of this year before moving into the New Year? 
    • Guilt…I find a deep feeling of guilt sneaking into all areas of my life. 
      • Mom, Wife, Coach, Friends, Finances, Fun, Personal Wellness, you name it. 
  • What things influenced or helped where you are now financially?
    • A solid system in place so I can feel confident about my cash flow which decreases my overall stress. The visual component of my system is what brings me peace. 
  • What were your big financial purchases/expenses this year? And how much were they? (ex: home, travel, vehicle, personal development, kids, travel, home renos, starting/building a business, wedding, etc) 
    • 25k on a rental remodel 🫣A bit more than we were expecting… shocker! 
  • What one-off expenses will you have in 2023? What is your plan to pay for it?  
    • I need to review my medical insurance and increase how much I’m saving/transferring into my Ally saving bucket. 
    • We purchased a new house, and there have already been many Oh Sh*t moments. Continue to boost our home savings bucket. 
  • How can I have more fun this year?
    • Getting more things on the calendar, guilt-free…rather than just talking about it. 

There is a huge benefit to writing down your thoughts and feelings. I highly recommend you take a minute to write or type out your answers to the above questions. Doing so gives you CLARITY. 

Clarity and awareness are key factors in moving your financial needle. You move from dreaming to implementing.  

Cheers to all your hard work this year!

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